Stop Calling Prospects that Don't Pick up the Phone.

Most sales people make 20 calls to have just one conversation. With RiteChannel your reps will speak to a prospect every 3-5 dials.

Send me leads that pick up at 33%

How does RiteChannel help?

RiteChannel tells your reps whether Phone, Email or Linkedin is the best way to reach a prospect. That means more time having conversations and less time doing busy work.

Call prospects that pick up the phone.

Use LinkedIn for people active on the platform

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Send cold email to everyone else.

Why this works?

Reps spend time on activities that have a higher chance of starting a conversation.

Phone First

Prospects identified by RiteChannel will answer the phone at a 20-33% rate. Meaning your reps will have 15-20 conversations with target prospects every day.

Higher Quality over Quantity

When you don't need to execute 50 activities to get into a conversation you can be more deliberate about who you approach and how you approach them.

Reps Love it

Reps are more productive, they ramp faster, they hit quota. Morale is improved, tenure is improved, revenue growth is improved.

Why you're doing Outbound Wrong.

The modern theory of outbound sales is broken. Reps are busier than ever yet quota attainment is lower than ever. Why?


Too much "activity"

Average touches in an outreach sequence have increased from 4.7 to 10.6 since 2010. But this activity isn't producing better results because it's scattered and unfocused, meaning reps are spending even less time selling.


Not enough conversations

4.4 conversations per day on average. Down 45% from 2014. All this top of funnel "Activity" isn't driving the business result you're after.


Massive increase in headcount

In order to complete all of the activities we need to hire armies of SDRs. At any one time there are 30,000 SDR positions that need to be filled.



With low quota attainment and large headcount required for most firms, outbound sales is a very ineffective channel for generating revenue.

What is RiteChannel?

RiteChannel tells your reps which channel to use to start a conversation with a prospect. If they answer the phone, call them. If they're active on Linkedin deploy social selling. As a last resort use cold email.

How it Works


Tell us who you want to reach

Send us the list of conatcts you're planning to reach out to.


We validate using RiteChannel

RiteChannel agents will call your prospects to determine whether or not they pick up. We'll also validate their email address and check whether or not they're active on Linkedin.


Send you back the list

We send the list back to you detailing what we found. You'll know who answers and who doesn't. Who's active on LinkedIn and who isn't so you can prioritize how you reach out to your best prospects.


You drive crazy amounts of pipeline

Your reps will have 15-20 conversations per day and drive massive amounts of pipeline.

What our clients say

"We went from 2% connect rates to 28% connect rates immediately after implementing RiteChannel."

SaaS - CEO (selling to professional service firms)

"We're having 10-15 conversations every day and we only make calls for 2 hours"

SaaS - CEO (selling to inhouse legal teams)

"This is so simple and effective I don't know why someone hasn't thought of this before."

SaaS - Chief Business Officer (selling to commercial procurement teams)

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